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ohla, sum 41s new album rox

2007-08-20 21:51:56 by riddler184

Sum 41 rox, especially there new album Underclass Hero
1.Underclass Hero
2.Walking Disaster
3.Speek of The Devil
4.Dear Father
5.Count Your Last Blessings
6.Ma Pouble
7.March of the Dogs
8.The Jester
9.With Me
10.Pull the Curtain
11.The King of Contradiction
12.Best of Me
13.Confusion and Frustration in Modern Times
14.So Long Goodbye
15.Look At Me (after 2 minutes, secret track)

Well I give the album 9/10

I dont know about u but this is one of the best bands ever!
(same with green day)

ohla, sum 41s new album rox


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